Smooth-On Products

Why Make A Rubber Mold?

Rubber molds made with Smooth-On polyurethane or silicone allow you to make exact multiple duplicates of any original model. This saves critical Time, Labor and Material Costs.

You Can Make A Mold Of Anything!

Smooth-On compounds are easy to use and can be applied right on the job site. Part A and Part B are mixed together and either poured or brushed onto a prepared model. The rubber mold is ready the next day for production use.

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Mold Rubber for Casting Concrete
Casting Resins
Mold Rubber for Casting Resins

Architectural Moldings Architectural Moldings Architectural Moldings
Architectural Moldings

Industrial Design Applications

Do You Need Fast Cycle Time? Low Viscosity?
Ultra Thin Super Strong Casts? Machinability?
Industrial Design Applications Industrial Design Applications     

Get acquainted with our wide range of castable urethanes (rigid / semi-rigid) and epoxies for making prototypes, models, rigid molds, limited run parts, etc. Each product has its own unique properties and characteristics.

Selected Products


Urethane Liquid Rubbers

Specialty Materials

Multi-Purpose Casting Resins

Epoxy Casting Compounds

Super Sampler Kits

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