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We are a multi-faceted, family-owned company serving the rubber and plastics, construction, concrete, and entertainment industries, as well as artists, sculptors, schools, and universities. We have been in business for over 50 years, and we are proud to have served the manufacturing sector for those many years. We take pride in helping our customers solve the problems they face in manufacturing their products. We will stand beside you and extend to you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

We provide silicones and urethanes for potting, encapsulation, molding, and mold-making. We handle a wide variety of releases from paste and solvent to water-born; topical and semi-permanent releases. There are waxes, soaps, silicones, and polymer releases. We also handle other support products for these industries. There are mold and part cleaners, fillers, Pigments & Colorant, equipment, and epoxies.

As you can see, we will supply you with products that actually meet your needs. We are in the business of sales, yet we realize the sale is not the end of our partnership with you, but the beginning. We provide technical support and prompt, efficient service to keep you up and running. We stock most of the products we sell in varying sizes and quantities, which makes it possible to ship most orders the same day they are received.