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Conventional Air Atomizing Spray Guns

Choosing the Right Tool for the Optimum Finish.

Material Delivery Methods

Pressure Feed systems are the perfect solution for various finishing applications: when you need to deliver large amounts of material to the finish area, when fast application is required and when the material is too heavy to be siphoned from a container. Designed to handle volumes up to 40 oz. per minute, pressure feed fluid flow is dependent on the air or pump pressure.

Suction Feed systems siphon material from a cup attached to the gun. Designed to handle volumes up to 14 ounces of material per minute, suction feed guns are ideal for applications that involve frequent color changes and finishing jobs that require only small amounts of material.

Gravity Feed spray guns feature an attached cup on top of the gun.  Material fluid flow is created by gravity, which allows the operator to make fine adjustments between the atomizing pressure and fluid flow, and utilize virtually all material in the cup.

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Features and Benefits


  • 300-grade stainless steel fluid passages offer waterborne compatibility, corrosion resistance and protection from harsh, self-etching primers.
  • Drop forged aluminum gun bodies are strong, durable and lightweight.
  • Trigger strike pad makes trigger action smooth and extends air valve life.
  • Trigger is designed with reinforced wear points.

  • Dual-seat fluid inlet assures a positive seal.
  • Cartridge-type air valve is designed for positive sealing and quick trigger action.
  • Lightweight and precision-balanced for operator comfort.  Sized to fit both operator and the application, in standard-size and mid-size.

  • Replaceable baffle with aluminum air cap retaining ring threads eliminates the need to replace the gun body, should threads become damaged.
  • Simple, straightforward design for easy care and maintenance.
  • Economical replacement parts are available and easy to install.

Gun Models Available

Manual Spray High Production

Gun Model Usage/Materials Feed Type
JGA-510 General Purpose, Standard Finishes Pressure Suction
MSA-510 Waterbornes, All Material Types Pressure Suction

Manual Spray Special Purpose

Gun Model Usage/Materials Feed Type
EGA-502 Detail, Touch-up, Standard Finishes Pressure Suction
GFG-617 Gravity Feed Standard Finishes Gravity

Automatic Spray

Gun Model Usage/Materials Feed Type
AGX-550 Most Common Materials Pressure Circulating
AGX-553 Waterbornes, Corrosive Materials Pressure Circulating
AGX-506 Compact, Standard Materials Pressure

Accessories available for all models.
Refer to the inquiry for information on these parts.

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