Flying High & Making a good impression

Virginia Janssen has her work put in some very prestigious places. From flying high with the President to showing of to the Foreign Press and our State Dept.. She has done work for the Franklin Mint and commemorative medallions and plaques for many people and places.

From her studio in Green Bay, WI she was one of twelve artists asked to submit designs for the Capitol Visitor's Center Series of Commemorative coins by the US Mint. Three coins will be produced to raise money for the Visitor's Center. The theme of the coins was to describe the convening of the first US Congress in the Capitol Building, circa 1800. This invitation was Janssen's third such  from the Mint, after submitting designs for the dollar coin and five of the State Quarters

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Virginia Janssen sculpted this portrait of "old number 66" Ray Nitschke for the new Green Bay bridge  named in his honor. The bridge links West to East Green Bay, and took over two years to complete. Nitschke played for the Green Bay Packers during the Glory Years, and was a much  loved local figure until his death in 1998.

Janssen worked from photos of Ray during his prime. The plaque was cast in bronze at the De Pere Foundry, and unveiled during a moving ceremony on October 2, 1998. Little-known fact: Janssen also created the small "G's" found at the corners of the plaque.