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Selecting The Right Release Agent Is The First Step in Taking Control Of Your Processing.


Ease Release

The most extensive line of production proven releases available anywhere in the world. Used for hundreds of applications including mold making, injection molding and releasing cast urethane or epoxy parts. Available in a variety of solvent carriers to address specific processing requirements.


Mann water based releases deliver superior release performance and also address concerns for the environment and worker safety. Mold makers, auto interior trim producers, mechanical part producers and elastomer/foam casters know the Aqualease line as the water based release system that works.


A full line of Semi-Permanent release coatings designed for compression molding of natural and synthetic rubber. These coatings are also effective in releasing polyester and epoxy resins.


A truly unique line of 100% active non-volatile releases for mass molding urethane elastomer products such as wheel and rollers.  Also used for industrial reinforced hose production. The Actilease Applicator recovers all excess overspray, eliminating waste and any environmental concerns.

Ease Release Aqualease Permalease
Ease Release Aqualease Permalease

Ease Release Products
Product Number Description
200 General purpose release agent for polyester, epoxy, RTV, silicone and urethane foam and elastomer tooling; specifically recommended for making two-piece RTV silicone molds.
300 General purpose production release agent for urethane foam and elastomers, epoxy, polyesters and other plastics. Reduces cleanup problems; parts cleans easily for post-finishing applications.
400 An excellent release for urethane elastomer, rubber molding. Will not build up.
500 General purpose non-silicone release and dry lubricant for all plastics, elastomers, and foams. Non-transferring. Parts can be painted without extra cleaning steps.
700 General purpose silicone release agent and lubricant. All active ingredients are FDA-acceptable and can be used in areas covered under CFR 121.174. Excellent release for injection molded plastics. Also may be used as an assembly lubricant for plastic parts.
800 Formulated especially for releasing RTV Silicone Rubber from a variety of substrates, eliminating even the slightest "drag" or sticking that sometimes can occur during demolding. Also ideal for releasing silicone from silicone.
2110 General purpose water-washable release for rigid or flexible foams. Water-alcohol solvent carrier for fats drying.
2116 Similar to the 2181 system, but for higher temperature molding. Formulated for rubber and composite materials.
2181 Specialized non-silicone water-based release agent for injection molding, vacuum forming and calendering of thermosetting plastics.
2191 A blend of silicone release compounds for release of casting wax models and molds, injection molding, and assembly lube. Provides multiple releases.
2125 PVA Green A film-forming release agent that provides an efficient release for polyester resins. Clear is also available.
2251 Superior release agent for urethane elastomer. Leaves no buildup and can be used on hot or cold molds and MDI or TDI based elastomers.
2300 Similar to EASE RELEASE 300 with improved slip. Excellent for deep molds. Parts are easily cleaned for finishing bonding.
2661 A silicone/wax formulation that gives an excellent release from the urethanes. Used at ~ 130F.
2770 A soft wax release for use with urethane foams. Temperature range is 120-150F.
2831 Wax based release for urethane rubber casting. Effective on Plaster as a sealer-release.
2910 Heavy duty version Ease Release 2251 for more complex molds.
2934 Used the same as Ease Release 500, but a liquid version.

Permalease Release Coatings
Product Number Description
2045 General purpose semi-permanent release coating for all plastic and elastomer applications. Non-transfer coating leaves parts ready to finish or bond. Used for coating and recoating silicone molds to prevent surface attack, improve release and extend the life of rubber molds. Use with 2035 Surface Primer for pretreatment and 3415 stripper for removing the coating.
2264 Semi-permanent release coating for urethane elastomers, flexible and rigid.
3000 Semi-permanent release coating for rubber mechanical parts and polyester molding. Forms a tough multi-release film with no transfer to molded parts.
3500 Heavy duty semi-permanent release coating for EPDM seal compounds. RTM composite epoxies and polyesters. Leaves a matte finish as compared to PERMALEASE 3000.

Mold Cleaners
Product Number Description
MC 2508 General purpose mold cleaner for urethane and epoxy residue.
MC 2587 Heavy duty mold cleaner for faster cleaning of urethane.
MC 2645 An effective cleaner for urethane and other mold residues. Does not contain aromatic solvents.
MC 2734 Gel cleaner for cleaning large vertical surfaces.

Mold Protectors
MP 3446-7 Designed to protect ferrous molds from rust while in storage.

Part Cleaners
Product Number Description
ER 3415 Stripper Designed to strip Permalease from molds for reapplication.
PC 3416 Designed to remove solvent-based wax releases. It is a concentrate for use in power washers.
PC 3604 Designed to clean silicone release agents from parts in conjunction with a water wash.
PowerWash 6540 Effective low foam cleaner for power wash equipment to clean molding residue off parts.

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