Having long recognized the need for a superior non-silicone, water-based mold release agent for the molding industry, our team of research and development chemists have developed a revolutionary and environmentally friendly product with performance that exceeds anything currently on the market.

Take a look at what E-Z KOTE has to offer:

  • Solvent Free
  • No CFC's
  • Superior Ease of Release
  • Instant Cure
  • Multiple Releases
  • No Transfer
  • Better Cosmetics
  • One Coat
  • Easier To Use
  • Low Cost
  • One Product Versatility
  • Pleasant Odor
  • Meets All EPA Requirements
  • Can Be FDA Approved

How Does E-Z KOTE Work?

E-Z KOTE's patented process actually forms a clear, colorless, chemical bond to the metal surface of the mold.  When the mold has been thoroughly cleaned, the E-Z KOTE mold release will instantly cure to the metal and form a strong bond to the metal without any heating.   This extremely strong bond will give you multiple releases before any touch-up is needed.

E-Z KOTE RS1 - Silicone
E-Z KOTE R-2 - General & Specialty Rubber Applications
E-Z KOTE HMT - General & Specialty Rubber Applications
E-Z KOTE Anti-Stick Rubber to Rubber
E-Z KOTE M2Q1 - Urethane Foam
E-Z KOTE M-3 - Cast  Urethane Applications

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